08 July, 2011

Why I Seldom Smile

This poem ("tortured artist") is from my "Open Your Mind" collection, I hope you enjoy.

Why I Seldom Smile
Torture befriends suffering
suffering adopts sorrow
sorrow disables my smile,
caring less of a tomorrow.

Agony feeds off my hate
hate doesn’t think so hate I store.
Actions speak volumes, but freedom is heard.
Temptation knocks…I won’t open the door.

Insecure relates to paranoia
paranoia stays in one place;
that place being said is my mind
my mind has a sense, but no face.

The past haunts the ever present
the present questions the future.
The future is very uncertain,
what’s uncertain remains a blur.

Hard to breathe, I fiddle with reason,
is it possible for this much stress?
My stress has stress that accumulates
making me seldom smile, I guess.


  1. Strongly done! I don't smile much either sometimes, and I'm not exactly sure why..... :O)

  2. I love the line, "my stress has stress." I think we can all relate to that. It's what we do with it that matters, huh? A haunting poem that gives a sensation of emptiness.


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