15 November, 2010

The Great Debate: Secular music vs. Christian music

My friend Steve and I have debated over this subject a few times (always in a civil realm, of course) and many good points (+ opinions) have flown back and forth. His theory is: he only listens to Christian music and will only listen to Christian music stating secular music is not worth listening to. Now as someone who only listens to 1 radio station (Air1) I have no problem with that except (cue suspenseful music)…just because an artist or band doesn’t play Christian music do we assume they are not believers or write inspiring songs as well? Some secular artists might be more of a faithful follower than a Christian artist, but if we refuse to listen to them because they are not labeled as “Christian Artists” who’s in the wrong? My theory is: use your own discretion when you listen to music, if you listen to something that riles you up and makes you want to hurt someone, chances are that’s not the best music for you to be listening to. I think we all need as much positivity in our lives as we can possibly get, but as long as the music doesn’t “change” you (or you let it change you) I say go ahead and listen to what you like. Now one could argue I am just defending the fact that I listen to Coldplay, Linkin Park, Muse, Interpol and others to which I can’t disagree with them. But I also listen to Red, Kutless, Tenth Avenue North, Thousand Foot Krutch, Pillar, Plumb, Group 1 Crew, Sanctus Real and many more so I say: use your own discretion when you listen to music. I know in my case sometimes I need or yearn to hear a certain kind of song that might not be Christian. Am I any less of a Christian than Steve because I listen to secular music as well? Is Steve any less of a Christian than me for judging that all secular music is bad? I don’t think so...what’s your opinion on it all?