27 October, 2010

Asher Michael Pasquale

Now, to be fair I will be posting my youngest son's poem next (that's all they need is more rivalry) which is in the same realm as Elijah's. Enjoy!

Asher Michael Pasquale

An angelical ray of light
sparkling through a dreary night
hardy rock, with a lustrous glow
earnest elf always on the go
roving to retrieve all in sight.

Mighty engine sharp as a sword
ingrained inside of our heart’s core
christened in the love of the Lord
hearty star, who’s heard with a roar
a determined force full of coos
equipped to use his smile to woos
lamp of life spreading winsome hues.

Pillar of love whom we cherish
a virtue blooming with thunder
splendid souls are comprised from this
quaint and jolly muse of wonder
unique in his warmth and content
as is his laugh and playful way
limitless one-hundred percent
every day we thank God and pray.