17 June, 2011

The Wolf

This poem is from my "Grey Matters" collection about a fear I have looming forever in the back of my mind. I hope you enjoy.

The Wolf

He howls at the mango moon patrolling each inch
with a gleam on the surface of his hollow eye.
Thoughts of death are projected in his perception
and his defiance alone one couldn’t defy,
but I know he won’t let me by.

I feel his growl startle and shake throughout my bones
with a glaze from the corner of his ghastly eye.
Gloom with a timely doom propels the need to pass,
but the only thing he would let me do is try
and I know he won’t let me by.

His set of fangs are showcased through a surly snarl
with a glare erected off of his vacant eye.
Even the slightest movements I make he mimics
so I must reach my salvation before I die,
but I know he won’t let me by.

The gatekeeper guarding the gateway to judgment
with a gaze punctuating from his ghostly eye.
I must surpass this obstruction by any means,
but his attentive prowess you can’t deny
and I know he won’t let me by.

This wolf is my partition to eternity
with a glance directed off of his haunting eye.
I have yet to earn my sacred divinity
and this obstacle is here for that reason why,
so I know he won’t let me by.

13 June, 2011

Summer Plans

Does anyone have any big plans set aside for this summer? Or is there something you want to accomplish this summer? My family and I have plans (hopefully) to go to Washington, D.C. and Boston. I've never been to either so I don't know what to expect. How about you?

03 June, 2011

Birds (In General)

This poem is from my "Open Your Mind" collection. I hope you enjoy.

Birds (In General)

They fly inconceivable of a worry.
High and lenient into the transit sky
soaring and sweeping conspired so gaudy,
but with such an unmistakable poise.

They have a tenacity towards nature,
unmatched only by their own lineage
with different relatives, that’s relative.

They steal some straw and little wooden stems,
making it vital to relax at home
They carefully care and nurture their young.

Their mileage can be so presumptuous.
They sing with a harmonious volume,
an exquisite gift, free to the whole world.

Many travel in precise precision,
unaware of the predators below.
Mainly felines looking for a quick treat.

We witness aerial exhibitions.
Chirping to one another with leisure,
televised through windows or open views.

For such petite knowledge they do reason
and then proceed to suitable weather.
They deserve more prestige then they’ve received
They fly inconceivable of a worry.