17 June, 2011

The Wolf

This poem is from my "Grey Matters" collection about a fear I have looming forever in the back of my mind. I hope you enjoy.

The Wolf

He howls at the mango moon patrolling each inch
with a gleam on the surface of his hollow eye.
Thoughts of death are projected in his perception
and his defiance alone one couldn’t defy,
but I know he won’t let me by.

I feel his growl startle and shake throughout my bones
with a glaze from the corner of his ghastly eye.
Gloom with a timely doom propels the need to pass,
but the only thing he would let me do is try
and I know he won’t let me by.

His set of fangs are showcased through a surly snarl
with a glare erected off of his vacant eye.
Even the slightest movements I make he mimics
so I must reach my salvation before I die,
but I know he won’t let me by.

The gatekeeper guarding the gateway to judgment
with a gaze punctuating from his ghostly eye.
I must surpass this obstruction by any means,
but his attentive prowess you can’t deny
and I know he won’t let me by.

This wolf is my partition to eternity
with a glance directed off of his haunting eye.
I have yet to earn my sacred divinity
and this obstacle is here for that reason why,
so I know he won’t let me by.

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  1. Dave, that's a scary picture. Maybe you don't have to "earn" your divinity, just accept it. Will that let you by?


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