29 July, 2011

Broken & Reach if you can't grab

I've been slipping lately, for those who care I apologize. Here are "Broken" & "Reach if you can't grab" from my "The Dim Light", I hope you enjoy.

The solaced snow garnishes the driveway,
but the stricken driveway is bare.
Two cars occupied its circumference
and now only one resides there.

Arguments were the only sign of persistence,
later on though, following inseparable.
Animosity was believed to have cosigned
and their transformation was unmistakable.
For these two lovers whose love was enthused with love,
how could their firm relationship lose relations?
Was it honest to stay together for the kids
when their misery crossed over limitations?
The damages weren’t paltry or punitive,
but they were conducted more severe than serene.
Their first two years felt the mutiny everyday
from the last twelve who would antagonize a scene.
The time they shared with their friends steadily increased,
alibi’s weakened every anniversary.
They could hardly percolate with one another
and when they did, they would submerge in a hurry.
Later on in life when their kids were fully grown,
matured and both of them had been completely schooled.
That’s the time when their paths intentionally changed
and their impotent feelings were nevermore fooled.

The solaced snow garnishes the driveway,
but the stricken driveway is bare.
Two cars occupied its circumference
and now only one resides there.
Reach If You Can’t Grab

Apply yourself and nothing can stop you,
you can do anything with assertion.
If the dedication you give is strong,
it will persevere any diversion.
You’re equivalent to anyone else
so let the disoriented chatter.
They only advocate their foolishness

A valid reflection of one varies
with all of the different views it carries.
Be sure to stay true to yourself with truth
you’re a dynamic person, here’s your proof.

Deathly defy the galore which is bland
and finance your own set of credentials.
Get off your lazy rump and make a stand,
I know you can become influential.
You’re not as helpless as you think you are
you have a say on the path that you’ll take.
You’ve overcome these unfair odds thus far
just stay the course and try not to be late.

08 July, 2011

Why I Seldom Smile

This poem ("tortured artist") is from my "Open Your Mind" collection, I hope you enjoy.

Why I Seldom Smile
Torture befriends suffering
suffering adopts sorrow
sorrow disables my smile,
caring less of a tomorrow.

Agony feeds off my hate
hate doesn’t think so hate I store.
Actions speak volumes, but freedom is heard.
Temptation knocks…I won’t open the door.

Insecure relates to paranoia
paranoia stays in one place;
that place being said is my mind
my mind has a sense, but no face.

The past haunts the ever present
the present questions the future.
The future is very uncertain,
what’s uncertain remains a blur.

Hard to breathe, I fiddle with reason,
is it possible for this much stress?
My stress has stress that accumulates
making me seldom smile, I guess.