03 June, 2011

Birds (In General)

This poem is from my "Open Your Mind" collection. I hope you enjoy.

Birds (In General)

They fly inconceivable of a worry.
High and lenient into the transit sky
soaring and sweeping conspired so gaudy,
but with such an unmistakable poise.

They have a tenacity towards nature,
unmatched only by their own lineage
with different relatives, that’s relative.

They steal some straw and little wooden stems,
making it vital to relax at home
They carefully care and nurture their young.

Their mileage can be so presumptuous.
They sing with a harmonious volume,
an exquisite gift, free to the whole world.

Many travel in precise precision,
unaware of the predators below.
Mainly felines looking for a quick treat.

We witness aerial exhibitions.
Chirping to one another with leisure,
televised through windows or open views.

For such petite knowledge they do reason
and then proceed to suitable weather.
They deserve more prestige then they’ve received
They fly inconceivable of a worry.

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  1. Dave, that's a nice one. I always wonder where they go in a storm? But they do seem to have fun and "just live." Have a good one.


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