22 May, 2011

Intensity's Anticipation's

This poem is from my "The Dim Light" collection, I hope you enjoy it.

Intensity’s Anticipation’s

Indiscreet fascinations, banish me below
lingering underneath where the muzzled soil lay.
Where inside deep corridors, condensation grow,
I remember all the offensive words you say.

Treat others with the same respect that you covet
otherwise, your gambit is an instilled gamble.
The tyranny inflicted will bring side-effects
when you’re the only one besieging the scandal.

With everything gone and nothing but still is left,
what can I do, what can we do…what can I do?
I’ve known all along you’re the thief that favors theft,
my dismay comes with the acknowledgment of you.

Throw your hate-filled trident at what is established
such a move moves closer to your apprehension.
My breaking point confines have entertained enough
for my admission into that glum dimension!

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