10 February, 2011

Carpe Diem

No question this week I know, I know. This poem is from my "The Dim Light" collection...I hope it inspires, enjoy. 

Carpe Diem

Plenty of hypocrisy
which inflates so blatantly.
Oh what a sight it would be,
living through hypocrisy.

Enticing the quarters of ridicule
to transpire its whimsy attire.
Consummate the strength to end its long rule,
but acquire the ways to inspire.

Harbor these intimate nights
which extend tranquil insights.
Oh to see those few delights,
all the methodical nights.

Surge the frontier of your fortune
and sternly respond, but use empathy.
Embody yourself changed within
because frees comprised an anomaly.

Trounce on what image defies
a positive mind denies.
Oh that sight to see arise,
the oath dignity defies.

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  1. "Trounce on what image defies" spoke to me. I need that extra push for a writer's conference coming up.


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