03 February, 2011

Acquainted Accomplice

This poem is an ode to my partner in crime...my pen and is from my "Gray Matters" collection, I hope you enjoy.

Acquainted Accomplice

My bleeding dagger staining a black trail
soothing therapy away from worry
my pen is my friend there for modest me,
together we’ll rise together we’ll fail.

My pen endures all my weird creations
my weapon of choice I choose to disperse
and quench my thirst for lyrical outbursts,
writing’s my addiction and medication.

My pen never leaves my side or complains
my poisonous weapon used to offend
and at times my pen is my only friend,
a comrade companioning my campaigns.

Pouring portions of myself through my pen
deep into the deepest burrows below
my soul is cleansed long ago of sorrow,
unlocking emotions never spoken.

I write with the ink of my blood.

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