08 December, 2010


This poem is from my "Open Your Mind" collection...and it's all I see when I drive to work in the morning and when I drive home. I hope you enjoy.

The gray sky’s altercation with dusk
The moon’s solitude of the daybreak
The evacuation of nature into the night
The hour in the midst of transformation
The night’s arrival arrives.

Streetlight’s light up the darkness,
A hush coldness crawls across the land.
Day rests; its sleep begins
It’s now night’s turn of duty.

The stars sparkle like a loved one’s eye
The silence always an adequate sign
The crisp breeze inquires its domain.

Grass is showered with condensation
Insects and animals rejoice to the moonlight.

Darkness controls the living…


  1. Love this one!

    I'm having a blog hop Friday if you want to join in. :O)

  2. "the evacuation of nature into the night" is wonderful! Great mind imagery! Love it.


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