14 March, 2011

POEtry & The Hate You Breed

To make up for last week (I am slipping) here are two poems for this week. "POEtry" (yes I intended it to be spelled like that) & "The Hate You Breed". Po is from my "The Dim Light" collection while The... is from my "Open Your Mind" collection. I scattered several things associated with Mr. Poe, can you pick them all out? I hope you enjoy.


He scored a song
to sing along,
he penned Tamerlane to lead.
With such dismay
despair would stay;
he was born a different breed.
He wrote a hymn
that spoke within,
he defined a way to lead.
Blessed with a view
chastised by few,
he gave birth to a new breed.
He told a tale
through a black veil,
he converged visions to lead.
The pit held fate
the bells grew rate,
he molded a revamped breed.
He pitched a verse
the gift, the curse,
he alone sustained a lead.
The dark cocoon
death came too soon,
but his Raven stayed to breed.

The Hate You Breed
Keep breeding the hate
children grow reflected by distortion.
Keep breeding the hate
feelings will get blown out of proportion.
Keep breeding the hate
where does belittling get anyone?
Keep breeding the hate
it deteriorates their thoughts so young.
Keep breeding the hate
and self-prosecute when they misbehave.
Keep breeding the hate
besides torment what have you really gave?
Keep breeding the hate
through time all will absorb a reaction.
Keep breeding the hate
the cycle begins with each contraction.
Keep breeding the hate
your ruthless words can paralyze their minds.
Keep breeding the hate
years of such abuse is the tie that binds.
Keep breeding the hate
for some of you it’s not too late to choose.
Stop breeding the hate
because in the end all of us will lose.

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