05 January, 2011


This poem is from my "The Dim Light" collection and it certainly was not tranquil to write. But I was happy with it when I was done (which doesn't happen a lot). I hope you enjoy!

The steady rain falls downward from the cumulus
saturating everything, the rain drops persist.
Each make there own impact, but stay anonymous.

The wide-open spaces expose no such resist
only cover contests its free fall plummeting.
But their vertical stampede show they do exist.

An acid wash you’ll still feel while maneuvering,
feeling wet with the coldness creates a quiver
and lightning purges the sky which is thundering.

Patience alone won’t stop an adjourning river.
Deserving Earth gets itself a refreshing drink
as a serene cloudburst delivers a shiver.

Through time the hate-filled boats will eventually sink.
Blissfully soothing are the showers of April,
they broaden and cultivate instances to think.

Each splash is important as the last will fulfill.
Bits of water scatter and spray in succession
so much commotion, yet everything else is still.

Puddles of precipitation leave impressions
as aqua pellets burst with clatter of landing.
To drench and soak anything is their intention.

In this world where it seems life is too demanding,
the atmosphere’s condensed medley feels so tranquil.
And now I see with a better understanding.

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  1. Dave, I like that one. The phrase, "each make their own impact, but stay anonymous," rang true to me. Has loads of hidden meaning to think about. Thanks


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