26 January, 2011

Sum It Up

This poem is from my "Open Your Mind" collection and is the first, the very first poem I wrote when I buckled down and took writing poetry very seriously. "Sum It Up" is very self explanatory and I still remember to the day when I wrote it. I was working with my dad (10 years ago give or take a year) at an on-site job, it felt like it just spilled out of me and ever since that day I have an easier time writing at work (sporadically). I hope you enjoy, but remember this was a long time ago and I was without faith.

Sum It Up
Sheltered emotion, fragile soul
Timid potion, elaborate goal
Grasping knowledge, searching mind
Unselfish pledge, combustibly kind
Innocent gaze, pessimistic trust
Tensions procrastinate, active stress
Suicide debate, appreciate caress
Haunting illusions, crocodile smile
Everyday confusions, conscience on trial
Devoted loyalty, constantly irate
Non-deserving royalty, looks penetrate
Born considerate, dying inside
Survival illiterate, nowhere to hide…

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  1. Hey, I think that's a wonderful starting poem! I like the "innocent gaze, pessimistic trust." Have a great day!


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