17 January, 2011

Happy Birthday Brandy Pasquale!

I’m back from my bout with the flu (still not 100%) and let me tell you, (as many of you probably know) the flu sucks! I felt like rolling into a ball and tucking myself away until the coast was clear (or I felt better). I honestly felt like a helpless boy. I missed Wednesday’s new poem last week so to make up for it I attached it here. “Just Looking Out A Window” is from my Open Your Mind collection of poems (a golden oldie). And as you read from the title yes, it’s my wife’s birthday today so as a special treat I included one of the several poems I’ve written to her. This one is called “Unconditional” from The Dim Light collection, enjoy.

Just Looking Out a Window
Just looking out a window.
Mellow blissfulness erupts off the glass,
distinct colored tints act incognito
to their ideally placed surroundings.
This sight is a prominent premium,
getting tipsy off natural beauty.
All if any, problems seem to dissolve.
From this occurrence, I feel confident.

Just looking out a window.
Each view resembles a kaleidoscope,
a dispersed colorful spectrum display.
My body’s standing still as is the world
perceived to be boundless for the moment.
Who knows the proposed course of this movement?
Nature’s gesture might be temporary
but overall, it’s a heartfelt privilege.

Just looking out a window.

When I first laid my eyes upon your face
the world stopped and was indeed unaware.
That a true love had just grazed the surface
and together we would become a pair.
I burn for your love and that flame makes fire
never have I nor would I ever cheat.
My devotion for you will not perspire;
I control the saliva I secrete.
We do enjoy each other’s company,
but we shouldn’t take for granted the time.
I’m overjoyed when you accompany
all the obstacles we decide to climb.

You’re my relief and I love you so much,
we’ll rise above adversity as one.
As we express a passionate embrace,
I revolve around you, you light the sun.
I beckon you to stay with me tonight
because I get lonely here without you.
Please, my love for you I want to recite
together, there’s nothing we can’t get through.
You insatiably mean so much to me,
how can I find the right ways to explain?
I’d die providing that you would live free
and give up everything to bare my name.

My arms are the bridge you travel across
making sure all of your journeys are safe.
I’ll hold until my foundation crumbles
or until you’ve lost in me all your faith.
Because you can count on me to be there
through the salvages of the thick and thin.
Just be sure to let me know when and where
so if that day comes, my quest can begin.
You’re my stable rock that keeps me grounded,
you stand out from an individual.
With your feel, my sharp edges are rounded;
my love for you is unconditional.


  1. Happy Birthday Brandy!

    So sorry you had that stinking flu! Yuk!

    Love your poem to Brandy. I like, "My arms are the bridge you travel across." My mind liked that image. But, Dave, I had to chuckle at the perspire and salvia line. :)


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