29 December, 2010


Well, I have been on vacation since the 18th (and don't return until the 4th of January, I know I know...lucky me) so I've been around my boys a lot (a lot). This poem from my "Open Your Mind" collection (which was written about 9 years ago, I know I know...I am old) simplifies (mostly) what I've been fortunate enough to be around. I hope you enjoy. Happy New Year!

They shriek with laughter and jubilation,
their energy is seldom limitless.
We get exhausted just by watching them,
but they help discard any of our stress.

When we’re gloomy, they resolve the problems,
their importance is truly undefined.
They’re our elixir, our true nirvana
just for that, their love is never declined.

Sounds of children making precious moments
are meaningful like their zany crusades.
Priceless is their amusing expressions,
encased with tomfoolery serenades.

Activities are foreseen with safety,
sun and fun until their pep loses fight.
Sleep relief with quality nourishment,
some aggravation is worth their delight.

They all illustrate the value of youth
and help with accounting the ways back when.
It’s hard not to reminisce every now
hmmm…the thoughts of being a kid again.

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