01 November, 2010

The Passion for more Passion

Here’s the question of the day: With the success of “The Passion of the Christ” would you like to see more of these movies made? I am actually surprised that more movies (from the bible) haven’t been made and released yet. I think if they are portrayed as “close” to what the bible states (I guess a consensus understanding with consideration to different interpretations some straight-forward others not so much) it would be enjoyable to see. Personally I would like to see a updated version of the “Ten Commandments” a thorough story on David (no bias), Noah’s Ark and the story of Joseph (Jacob’s). What would you want to see made?


  1. All those are great. How about Jonah?

  2. I'm sure some must be in the works! Solomon would be another good one. :O)

  3. Those are both great suggestions Diane and Karen! I never thought about those two, but they would be really interesting.


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