10 November, 2010

A Golden Oldie

This poem I’d say dates back 9 or10 years ago. It’s from my “Open Your Mind” collection of poems (my first collection). I wrote this as an open letter of sorts to my girlfriend at the time (now my wife), for I was still hurting from past relationships. Much like Pasteurization, my trust is a timely and difficult process, but an extremely imperative doctrine (if you will) to the makeup of me. Even reading it now I can revisit the emotions of way back then. I hope you enjoy it.

I’m sorry, but don’t get too close,
you’re not permitted in my vault.
How’d you get that skeleton key?
In fairness, it wasn’t my fault.
I’d rather not embrace that thought
it pulsates a wound oh too deep.
I transform into my facade
rather than just going to sleep.
I don’t want the despair again
so I question any interest.
I can’t distinguish real from fake
low tolerance, what’s to suggest?
Come close, but you should watch your step
my heart’s protected by judgment.
It’s tiresome always on my guard,
I resigned without my consent.
I reformed my way to reason
inflicted, I’ll try to adjust.
Please, just grant me a little time
and in return, you’ll have my trust.


  1. I'm sorry for any past hurts you've had and hoping for total healing from them. :O) Hugs Cous!

  2. I think it's a good thing to have put words to your feelings. Then when you write about such things, you have your words and like you said, your feelings come right back. I'm glad your "girl" gave you time. And stayed. :)


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