17 November, 2010

The Day Gave Way

This poem is from "The Dim Light" and is sort of a hybrid of free verse w/some rhyme. I hope you enjoy.

The Day Gave Way

The pulsating ripples on the ocean’s blanket
subside occasionally and accordingly.
Waves waver like the movement of a rowing boat
as inhabitants of the great mass drift unfazed.
Ragged rocks and ancient coral wait to ambush
while hiding underneath the unforgiving brush.
An assortment of birds fly bye, sprawling carefree.
Ships and boating vessels startle the world beneath.
I feel a driving urgency compelling me
to chase the exploration of my untapped mind.

Lord almighty sees Earth’s reflections from up top.
The sky’s painted with foggy aqua-fresh colors.
Is this sense of clarity just an illusion
that happens to be making its own conclusion?
Dawn appears to me persuasively bright today.
Pea soup covered and concealed the surrounding air.
Vision wasn’t crisp but the air was refreshing.
The sun responded to its captive audience
by playing many playful games of peak-a-boo.
And the whole entire expedition meshed in sync.

The mystique’s ambition was clear and contagious.
The day gave way for refuge, it was infectious.
It inspired me to seize more than to stake my claim;
it inspired me the way an omen does the same.
My transition was a souvenir for the day.
I inherited the epitome of light,
a landmark embodied in mystical splendor.
The day gave way to my inner inspiration.
Maybe the day’s intentions were more intended.
Maybe it was destiny, maybe, just maybe…

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  1. I love your description of the "ocean's blanket." Oh, yes, that bright dawn definitely gave you inspiration.


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