13 October, 2010

Queries about queries

Has anyone ever sent out a query letter to a publishing house or an agent? They say your query has to be near perfect (picture a first impression) to "grasp" the reader/agent/publisher to want to read more of your stuff. Not too much pressure right? In the world of literature today it seems to me that knowing someone ("on the inside") is crucial to getting noticed. Like I told Diane (dianeestrella.com) I sent out 52 or so query letters to agents...so far I've had 16 responses and all but 1 was pretty much "thank you, but not for me". The 1 wanted to read my story so now I wait and wait and wait. It's hard to "break through" in the world of literature, but for a Children's writer it seems at times almost impossible.  But even though the odds are incredibly stacked, I won't give up and I hope neither will you. I truly want to write for a living and God knows...so we'll see if it is meant to be. What are your thoughts about the whole process of being a writer?

Also every week a will share a poem, the subjects will vary...but any input or comments are always welcomed. This is my entry to the Rose and Thorn Journal. I will try to be interesting and update my blog as much as I can, I give Diane credit for always having something to talk about and being interesting. Thank you

"The Battle of The Haves and Have Nots"

Allies are allied and relied upon the flanks
with their swords and shields prepared to enter the stage.
Catapults are strategically positioned 
as valiant men stoically bide to engage.
Siege equipment is stationed away to the rear,
archers are placed in precise vantage points to fire.
Mounted stallions wait to stampede with saddled spears
death and bloodshed are the wages of wars desire.

Hundreds of muskets have been drawn from amongst us,
bayonets are rehearsed for close quarter combat.
Our line is an impenetrable formation
rouse the spirits and initiate the attack.
Sound the battle cry and keep your pistols close by
be steady and make ready for the trials of war
Canons are equipped with primed men groomed to defy,
above the battlefield is where the vultures soar.

Over the ridge lie the opposition’s forces
tanks and humvees scour the ground with noisy thunder.
Marching soldiers carry automatic rifles,
famished men scurry to lust and feed their hunger.
Spy planes estimate perceived locations achieved
fighter jets and bombers encircle the gray sky.
Battleships lock on to coordinates received
and one by one, the poor and the middle class die.


  1. As I always tell people, that's what I'm here for... encouragement and the open book that seems to be my life. Yeah!!! :O)

  2. Dave, yes, writing is hard and sometimes takes a long time. Networking is great if you can get a chance to go to a writer's conference. Face to face makes a bigger impression. Blessings**


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