20 October, 2010

Elijah Robert Pasquale

Here is my next poem (It's pretty much straight forward) "Elijah Robert Pasquale" about my eldest boy. I should probably note also that I am horrible at editing (so any mistakes anyone notices please let me know) and a lot of the poems that I will share with you are from (some) 9 years ago up until now. They cover a vast variety of subjects and styles. I will warn you some of them are very personable and very different from "Blair the Bear", some are dark, some are funny, some are encouraging, some are about God and some are quite random. I do not swear or use offensive language. Any comments regarding any of my poems are strongly suggested and encouraged. I truly hope you enjoy my poetry, God bless.

Elijah Robert Pasquale

Energetic bundle of joy
lovingly loved, our little boy
into this world you were conceived
just and righteous as we believed
a smile so charming and sincere
he wears the hope we all hold dear.

Remember we’ll be here for you
open armed to console you too
be yourself and you’ll be alright
everyday you shine light on life
roaming around on hands and knees
the world is filled with God’s beauty.

Peaceful cherub who we cherish
a blessing in which we are blessed
splendid souls are so contagious
quaint and quiet, but full of zest
unique are his beautiful eyes
as is his laugh and playful way
lively and bright as a sunrise
everyday we thank God and pray.

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  1. It's lovely. You should have a calligraphy done of it for his room.... or is that too girlie??? :O)


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